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Fix introspection PK comment more.

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1 parent 9234131 commit 3074243a5fdd2116fdd34d4cbcd58c45fe35e12a @andrewgodwin andrewgodwin committed
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  1. +2 −1 django/db/backends/sqlite3/
3 django/db/backends/sqlite3/
@@ -209,7 +209,8 @@ def get_constraints(self, cursor, table_name):
if pk_column:
# SQLite doesn't actually give a name to the PK constraint,
# so we invent one. This is fine, as the SQLite backend never
- # deletes PK constraints by name.
+ # deletes PK constraints by name, as you can't delete constraints
+ # in SQLite; we remake the table with a new PK instead.
constraints["__primary__"] = {
"columns": set([pk_column]),
"primary_key": True,

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