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0.95-bugfixes: Updated release notes to indicate new version and list…

… changes since 0.95

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-Django version 0.95 release notes
+Django version 0.95.1 release notes
-Welcome to the Django 0.95 release.
+Welcome to the Django 0.95.1 release.
This represents a significant advance in Django development since the 0.91
release in January 2006. The details of every change in this release would be
@@ -91,6 +91,27 @@ easy checklist_ for reference when undertaking the porting operation.
.. _Removing The Magic:
.. _checklist:
+Changes since the 0.95 release
+This release contains fixes for several bugs discovered after the
+initial release of Django 0.95; these include:
+ * A patch for a small security vulnerability in the script
+ Django's internationalization system uses to compile translation
+ files.
+ * A fix for a bug in Django's authentication middleware which
+ could cause apparent "caching" of a logged-in user.
+ * A patch which disables debugging mode in the flup FastCGI
+ package Django uses to launch its FastCGI server, which prevents
+ tracebacks from bubbling up during production use.
+Because these problems weren't discovered and fixed until after the
+0.95 release, it's recommended that you use this release rather than
+the original 0.95.
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