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Fixed #19775 - Clarified requirements of the "default" database.

Thanks monkut for the report and wsmith323 for the patch.
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commit 31bcb102b24338e5cc0e69ade997e8fdc257b6b5 1 parent 799be90
Tim Graham authored February 23, 2013

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  1. 6  docs/topics/db/multi-db.txt
6  docs/topics/db/multi-db.txt
@@ -21,8 +21,10 @@ documentation.
21 21
 Databases can have any alias you choose. However, the alias
22 22
 ``default`` has special significance. Django uses the database with
23 23
 the alias of ``default`` when no other database has been selected. If
-you don't have a ``default`` database, you need to be careful to
-always specify the database that you want to use.
+the concept of a ``default`` database doesn't make sense in the context
+of your project, you need to be careful to always specify the database
+that you want to use. Django requires that a ``default`` database entry
+be defined, but the parameters can be left blank if it will not be used.
26 28
27 29
 The following is an example ```` snippet defining two
28 30
 databases -- a default PostgreSQL database and a MySQL database called

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