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updated i18n documentation for the LANGUAGES setting

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@@ -426,6 +426,18 @@ Notes:
Django uses the base language. For example, if a user specifies ``de-at``
(Austrian German) but Django only has ``de`` available, Django uses
+ * only languages listed in the LANGUAGES setting can be selected. So if you want
+ to restrict the language selection to a subset of provided languages (because
+ your appliaction doesn't provide all those languages), just set it to a list
+ of languages like this::
+ ('de', _('German')),
+ ('en', _('English')),
+ )
+ This would restrict the available languages for automatic selection to German
+ and English (and any sublanguage of those, like de-ch or en-us).
Once ``LocaleMiddleware`` determines the user's preference, it makes this
preference available as ``request.LANGUAGE_CODE`` for each `request object`_.

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