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Fixed #21403: Corrected test code

A test for annotations incorrectly assumed that the first instance
(in the test) of a model using AutoField for PK will always get pk=1.
The test was changed to compare against actual instance id instead.
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1 parent 70e6131 commit 3411af3cd195ef79f3320ee9b2ab261e9ee5a3f5 @shaib shaib committed Nov 25, 2013
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6 tests/generic_relations_regress/
@@ -222,10 +222,10 @@ def test_annotate(self):
qs = HasLinkThing.objects.annotate(Sum('links'))
# If content_type restriction isn't in the query's join condition,
- # then wrong results are produced here as b will also match (it has
- # same pk).
+ # then wrong results are produced here as the link to b will also match
+ # (b and hs1 have equal pks).
self.assertEqual(qs.count(), 1)
- self.assertEqual(qs[0].links__sum, 1)
+ self.assertEqual(qs[0].links__sum,
# Now if we don't have proper left join, we will not produce any
# results at all here.

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