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Added warn note to docs about MySQL issues with 0000-00-00 date strings

MySQL accepts 0000-00-00 as a valid date but MySQLdb converts those
values into None. So there will be problems for instance if trying to
transport the data using dumpdata/loaddata.

This patch refs #6642 that has been closed as wontfix since this is a
particular problem of MySQL.
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1 parent 31b5275 commit 36b45611bcaee0ba55b40384f29e8b6546f109bb @catalanojuan catalanojuan committed Mar 18, 2013
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@@ -241,6 +241,14 @@ required for full MySQL support in Django.
1.2.1p2 or newer, then delete the ```` file in the MySQLdb
directory that was left by an earlier version.
+.. note::
+ There are known issues with the way MySQLdb converts date strings into
+ datetime objects. Specifically, date strings with value 0000-00-00 are valid for
+ MySQL but will be converted into None by MySQLdb.
+ This means you should be careful while using loaddata/dumpdata with rows
+ that may have 0000-00-00 values, as they will be converted to None.
.. _MySQLdb:
Creating your database

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