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Fixed #18647 - Removed link to Malcolm's blog which is gone.

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timgraham committed Aug 30, 2012
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@@ -77,16 +77,14 @@ record of being helpful on the mailing lists, and a proven desire to dedicate
serious time to Django. In return, they've been granted the coveted commit bit,
and have free rein to hack on all parts of Django.
`Malcolm Tredinnick`_
Malcolm Tredinnick
Malcolm originally wanted to be a mathematician, somehow ended up a software
developer. He's contributed to many Open Source projects, has served on the
board of the GNOME foundation, and will kick your ass at chess.
When he's not busy being an International Man of Mystery, Malcolm lives in
Sydney, Australia.
.. _malcolm tredinnick:
`Russell Keith-Magee`_
Russell studied physics as an undergraduate, and studied neural networks for
his PhD. His first job was with a startup in the defense industry developing

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