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Fixed #12811 -- Modified Tutorial 2 to indicate that the templating l…

…anguage will be covered later. Thanks to bac for the suggestion, and Gabriel Hurley for the draft text.

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Russell Keith-Magee authored March 08, 2010

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  1. 11  docs/intro/tutorial02.txt
11  docs/intro/tutorial02.txt
@@ -425,6 +425,13 @@ above, then copy ``django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/base_site.html`` to
425 425
 Then, just edit the file and replace the generic Django text with your own
426 426
 site's name as you see fit.
427 427
+This template file contains lots of text like ``{% block branding %}``
+and ``{{ title }}. The ``{%`` and ``{{`` tags are part of Django's
+template language. When Django renders ``admin/base_site.html``, this
+template language will be evaluated to produce the final HTML page.
+Don't worry if you can't make any sense of the template right now --
+we'll delve into Django's templating language in Tutorial 3.
428 435
 Note that any of Django's default admin templates can be overridden. To
429 436
 override a template, just do the same thing you did with ``base_site.html`` --
430 437
 copy it from the default directory into your custom directory, and make
@@ -452,7 +459,9 @@ The template to customize is ``admin/index.html``. (Do the same as with
452 459
 directory to your custom template directory.) Edit the file, and you'll see it
453 460
 uses a template variable called ``app_list``. That variable contains every
454 461
 installed Django app. Instead of using that, you can hard-code links to
-object-specific admin pages in whatever way you think is best.
+object-specific admin pages in whatever way you think is best. Again,
+don't worry if you can't understand the template language -- we'll cover that
+in more detail in Tutorial 3.
456 465
457 466
 When you're comfortable with the admin site, read :ref:`part 3 of this tutorial
458 467
 <intro-tutorial03>` to start working on public poll views.

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