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Clarified that there is no feed-level description element in Atom fee…

…ds and the

subtitle element (and model attribute) may be a substitute in many cases.

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@@ -114,6 +114,10 @@ Note:
`object-relational mapper`_, ``items()`` doesn't have to return model
instances. Although you get a few bits of functionality "for free" by
using Django models, ``items()`` can return any type of object you want.
+ * If you are creating an Atom feed, rather than the default RSS feed, you
+ will want to set the ``subtitle`` attribute instead of the
+ ``description`` attribute. See `Publishing Atom and RSS feeds in
+ tandem`_, later, for an example.
One thing's left to do. In an RSS feed, each ``<item>`` has a ``<title>``,
``<link>`` and ``<description>``. We need to tell the framework what data to
@@ -318,6 +322,16 @@ Here's a full example::
class AtomSiteNewsFeed(RssSiteNewsFeed):
feed_type = Atom1Feed
+ subtitle = description
+.. Note::
+ In Atom feeds, there is no feed-level description element. There *is* a
+ subtitle element, however. Your RSS feed description may be too verbose
+ for a subtitle, so Django does not automatically put the feed description
+ into the subtitle element. Instead, you should create a ``subtitle``
+ attribute in your model, containing an appropriate string. In the above
+ example, we have used the RSS feed's description, since it is quite short
+ already.
And the accompanying URLconf::

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