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Fixed #4181 -- Corrected anchor names in links to settings document. …


Karen Tracey.

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commit 372f43a574a8c329500cf9fecc235810e95bc646 1 parent fe0f238
@malcolmt malcolmt authored
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  1. +5 −5 docs/email.txt
10 docs/email.txt
@@ -29,11 +29,11 @@ settings, if set, will be used to authenticate to the SMTP server.
The character set of email sent with ``django.core.mail`` will be set to
the value of your `DEFAULT_CHARSET setting`_.
-.. _DEFAULT_CHARSET setting: ../settings/#DEFAULT_CHARSET
-.. _EMAIL_HOST: ../settings/#EMAIL_HOST
-.. _EMAIL_PORT: ../settings/#EMAIL_PORT
+.. _DEFAULT_CHARSET setting: ../settings/#default-charset
+.. _EMAIL_HOST: ../settings/#email-host
+.. _EMAIL_PORT: ../settings/#email-port
+.. _EMAIL_HOST_USER: ../settings/#email-host-user
+.. _EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD: ../settings/#email-host-password
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