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Fixed #6245: Added note about watching Django development when using…

… the development version

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Installing the development version
+.. admonition:: Tracking Django development
+ If you decide to use the latest development version of Django,
+ you'll want to pay close attention to `the development timeline`_,
+ and you'll want to keep an eye on `the list of
+ backwards-incompatible changes`_; this will help you stay on top
+ of any new features you might want to use, as well as any changes
+ you'll need to make to your code when updating your copy of Django
+ (for stable releases, any necessary changes are documented in the
+ release notes).
+.. _the development timeline:
+.. _the list of backwards-incompatible changes:
If you'd like to be able to update your Django code occasionally with the
latest bug fixes and improvements, follow these instructions:

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