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Fixed #252 -- Updated shared-hosting FAQ. Thanks, Matt Croydon

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@@ -208,9 +208,9 @@ How do I install mod_python on Windows?
Will Django run under shared hosting (like TextDrive or Dreamhost)?
-Right now, no, unless you can get your host to install mod_python. However, as
-the community starts to use Django's WSGI bindings with other Web servers, this
-will probably be possible sooner rather than later.
+See our `Django-friendly Web hosts`_ page.
+.. _`Django-friendly Web hosts`:
Using Django
@@ -289,11 +289,12 @@ dictionaries in order of query execution. Each dictionary has the following::
Can I use Django with a pre-existing database?
-Yes. For the time being, you can write models that describe your
-already-existing database layout, and just point Django at your database.
+Yes. You have two options:
-We also plan to make this even easier: Soon, Django will be able to introspect
-your database and generate models from it. See `Ticket 90`_.
+ * Write models that describe your already-existing database layout, and
+ just point Django at your database.
+ * Use the alpha `` inspectdb`` function to automatically
+ create models by introspecting a given database. See `Ticket 90`_.
.. _`Ticket 90`:

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