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Removed suggestion of temporary lookup registration from docs

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commit 3b18d9f3a1bcdd93280f79654eba0efa209377bd 1 parent 21d0c76
@akaariai akaariai authored
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6 docs/ref/models/custom_lookups.txt
@@ -216,12 +216,6 @@ When compiling a query, Django first looks for ``as_%s % connection.vendor``
methods, and then falls back to ``as_sql``. The vendor names for the in-built
backends are ``sqlite``, ``postgresql``, ``oracle`` and ``mysql``.
-.. note::
- If for some reason you need to change the lookup just for a specific query,
- you can do that and reregister the original lookup afterwards. However you
- need to be careful to ensure that your patch is in place until the queryset
- is evaluated, not just created.
.. _query-expression:
The Query Expression API

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