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Added documentation for a test runner argument that has always been p…

…resent, but was undocumented.

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@@ -662,12 +662,13 @@ framework that can be executed from Python code.
Defining a test runner
By convention, a test runner should be called ``run_tests``; however, you
-can call it anything you want. The only requirement is that it accept three
+can call it anything you want. The only requirement is that it has the
+same arguments as the Django test runner:
-``run_tests(module_list, verbosity=1, interactive=True)``
+``run_tests(module_list, verbosity=1, interactive=True, extra_tests=[])``
The module list is the list of Python modules that contain the models to be
- tested. This is the same format returned by ``django.db.models.get_apps()``
+ tested. This is the same format returned by ``django.db.models.get_apps()``.
+ The test runner should search these modules for tests to execute.
Verbosity determines the amount of notification and debug information that
will be printed to the console; ``0`` is no output, ``1`` is normal output,
@@ -679,6 +680,10 @@ arguments:
delete an existing test database. If ``interactive`` is ``False, the
test suite must be able to run without any manual intervention.
+ ``extra_tests`` is a list of extra ``TestCase`` instances to add to the
+ suite that is executed by the test runner. These extra tests are run
+ in addition to those discovered in the modules listed in ``module_list``.
This method should return the number of tests that failed.
Testing utilities

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