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[1.4.x] Rewrote security.txt SSL docs, noting SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER.

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@@ -114,22 +114,19 @@ transferred between client and server, and in some cases -- **active** network
attackers -- to alter data that is sent in either direction.
If you want the protection that HTTPS provides, and have enabled it on your
server, there are some additional steps to consider to ensure that sensitive
information is not leaked:
server, there are some additional steps you may need:
* If necessary, set :setting:`SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER`, ensuring that you have
understood the warnings there thoroughly. Failure to do this can result
in CSRF vulnerabilities, and failure to do it correctly can also be
* Set up redirection so that requests over HTTP are redirected to HTTPS.
It is possible to do this with a piece of Django middleware. However, this has
problems for the common case of a Django app running behind a reverse
proxy. Often, reverse proxies are configured to set the ``X-Forwarded-SSL``
header (or equivalent) if the incoming connection was HTTPS, and the absence
of this header could be used to detect a request that was not HTTPS. However,
this method usually cannot be relied on, as a client, or a malicious active
network attacker, could also set this header.
So, for the case of a reverse proxy, it is recommended that the main Web
server should be configured to do the redirect to HTTPS, or configured to send
HTTP requests to an app that unconditionally redirects to HTTPS.
This could be done using a custom middleware. Please note the caveats under
:setting:`SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER`. For the case of a reverse proxy, it may be
easier or more secure to configure the main Web server to do the redirect to
* Use 'secure' cookies.

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