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[1.6.x] Removed obsolete locale restriction admonition

Refs #14461. Thanks Ramiro Morales for pointing this.
Backport of b780d03 from master.
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1 parent 6c34e18 commit 3c8879f092be25f0b60051d8e0c3a77dca354af3 @claudep claudep committed Nov 8, 2013
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@@ -1193,21 +1193,6 @@ Once the string literals of an application have been tagged for later
translation, the translation themselves need to be written (or obtained). Here's
how that works.
-.. _locale-restrictions:
-.. admonition:: Locale restrictions
- Django does not support localizing your application into a locale for which
- Django itself has not been translated. In this case, it will ignore your
- translation files. If you were to try this and Django supported it, you
- would inevitably see a mixture of translated strings (from your application)
- and English strings (from Django itself). If you want to support a locale
- for your application that is not already part of Django, you'll need to make
- at least a minimal translation of the Django core.
- A good starting point is to copy the Django English ``.po`` file and to
- translate at least some :term:`translation strings <translation string>`.
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@@ -1662,13 +1647,6 @@ Notes:
the *real* ``ugettext()`` in any code that uses :setting:`LANGUAGES` at
-* The ``LocaleMiddleware`` can only select languages for which there is a
- Django-provided base translation. If you want to provide translations
- for your application that aren't already in the set of translations
- in Django's source tree, you'll want to provide at least a basic
- one as described in the :ref:`Locale restrictions<locale-restrictions>`
- note.
Once ``LocaleMiddleware`` determines the user's preference, it makes this
preference available as ``request.LANGUAGE_CODE`` for each
:class:`~django.http.HttpRequest`. Feel free to read this value in your view

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