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Fixed #2649 -- Clarified behaviour of editable attribute on models. T…


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1 parent c430eb8 commit 3cf67a9920bc00703921a3961455df44ea168dd5 @malcolmt malcolmt committed
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@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@ answer newbie questions, and generally made Django that much better:
Simon Greenhill <>
Espen Grindhaug <>
Brant Harris
Ian Holsman <>
Kieran Holland <>
4 docs/model-api.txt
@@ -543,7 +543,9 @@ The default value for the field.
-If ``False``, the field will not be editable in the admin. Default is ``True``.
+If ``False``, the field will not be editable in the admin or via form
+processing using the object's ``AddManipulator`` or ``ChangeManipulator``
+classes. Default is ``True``.

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