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Fixed #3319: Added docs to django-admin.txt about reset and runfcgi.…

… Thanks, Ubernostrum.

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@@ -143,6 +143,20 @@ install [appname appname ...]
Executes the equivalent of ``sqlall`` for the given appnames.
+reset [appname appname ...]
+Executes the equivalent of ``sqlreset`` for the given appnames.
+runfcgi [options]
+Starts a set of FastCGI processes suitable for use with any web server
+which supports the FastCGI protocol. See the `FastCGI deployment
+documentation`- for details. Requires the Python FastCGI module from
+.. _FastCGI deployment documentation: ../fastcgi/
+.. _flup:
runserver [optional port number, or ipaddr:port]

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