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@@ -566,22 +566,6 @@ of this object. Let's fix that by editing the polls model (in the
def __unicode__(self):
return self.choice
-.. admonition:: If :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__unicode__` doesn't seem to work
- If you add the :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__unicode__` method to your
- models and don't see any change in how they're represented, you're most
- likely using an old version of Django. (This version of the tutorial is
- written for the latest development version of Django.) If you're using a
- Subversion checkout of Django's development version (see :doc:`the
- installation docs </topics/install>` for more information), you shouldn't have
- any problems.
- If you want to stick with an older version of Django, you'll want to switch
- to `the Django 0.96 tutorial`_, because this tutorial covers several features
- that only exist in the Django development version.
-.. _the Django 0.96 tutorial:
It's important to add :meth:`~django.db.models.Model.__unicode__` methods to
your models, not only for your own sanity when dealing with the interactive
prompt, but also because objects' representations are used throughout Django's

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