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Fixed #17799 - Documented that the execute() method of a management c…

…ommand is not suitable for calling the command from code; call_command should be used instead. Thanks kacah222 for the report and claudep for the patch.

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@@ -243,6 +243,11 @@ the :meth:`~BaseCommand.handle` method must be implemented.
:class:`CommandError`, intercept it and print it sensibly to
+.. admonition:: Calling a management command in your code
+ ``execute()`` should not be called directly from your code to execute a
+ command. Use :ref:`call_command <call-command>` instead.
.. method:: BaseCommand.handle(*args, **options)
The actual logic of the command. Subclasses must implement this method.
@@ -1490,6 +1490,8 @@ See :doc:`/howto/custom-management-commands` for how to add customized actions.
Running management commands from your code
+.. _call-command:
.. function::, *args, **options)
To call a management command from code use ``call_command``.

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