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Small doc change: clarify day and month
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@@ -235,14 +235,14 @@ refinements together. For example::
... ).exclude(
... ).filter(
- ... pub_date__gte=datetime(2005, 1, 1)
+ ... pub_date__gte=datetime(2005, 1, 30)
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It would have been absolutely perfect to switch this example from datetimes to dates while we were there.

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mjtamlyn added a note Sep 6, 2012

Hmm, it's a blog post model, so I guess pub_date is more likely to be a datetime than a date. I know you can compare the two, and this is a date, but it's not that clear.

Then again if it's not a date, it should probably be called published or pub_time not pub_date...

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... )
This takes the initial :class:`~django.db.models.query.QuerySet` of all entries
in the database, adds a filter, then an exclusion, then another filter. The
final result is a :class:`~django.db.models.query.QuerySet` containing all
entries with a headline that starts with "What", that were published between
-January 1, 2005, and the current day.
+January 30, 2005, and the current day.
.. _filtered-querysets-are-unique:

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