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Fixed #7376: auth docs don't say they depend on contenttypes.

Thanks arien

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@@ -29,13 +29,16 @@ Installation
Authentication support is bundled as a Django application in
``django.contrib.auth``. To install it, do the following:
- 1. Put ``'django.contrib.auth'`` in your :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` setting.
+ 1. Put ``'django.contrib.auth'`` and ``'django.contrib.contenttypes'`` in
+ your :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` setting.
+ (The :class:`~django.contrib.auth.models.Permisson` model in
+ :mod:`django.contrib.auth` depends on :mod:`django.contrib.contenttypes`.)
2. Run the command `` syncdb``.
Note that the default :file:`` file created by
-:djadmin:` startproject` includes ``'django.contrib.auth'`` in
-:setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` for convenience. If your :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS`
-already contains ``'django.contrib.auth'``, feel free to run
+:djadmin:` startproject` includes ``'django.contrib.auth'`` and
+``'django.contrib.contenttypes'`` in :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` for convenience.
+If your :setting:`INSTALLED_APPS` already contains these apps, feel free to run
:djadmin:` syncdb` again; you can run that command as many times as
you'd like, and each time it'll only install what's needed.

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