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@@ -311,11 +311,11 @@ be reported, and any test databases created by the run will not be destroyed.
.. admonition:: Test with warnings enabled
- It is a good idea to run your tests with ``python -Wall
- test``. This will allow you to catch any deprecation warnings that
- might be in your code. Django (as well as many other libraries) use
- warnings to flag when features are deprecated. It can also flag
- areas in your code that are not strictly wrong, but may benefit
+ It's a good idea to run your tests with Python warnings enabled:
+ ``python -Wall test``. The ``-Wall`` flag tells Python to
+ display deprecation warnings. Django, like many other Python libraries,
+ uses these warnings to flag when features are going away. It also might
+ flag areas in your code that aren't strictly wrong but could benefit
from a better implementation.
Running tests outside the test runner

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