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Fixed #17723 -- Mentioned the changes done in r17547. Thanks, ryankask.

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@@ -591,13 +591,19 @@ For a complete discussion on the usage of the following see the
* ``False`` = left-to-right layout
* ``True`` = right-to-left layout
-.. function:: get_language_from_request(request)
+.. function:: get_language_from_request(request, check_path=False)
+ .. versionchanged:: 1.4
Analyzes the request to find what language the user wants the system to show.
Only languages listed in settings.LANGUAGES are taken into account. If the user
requests a sublanguage where we have a main language, we send out the main
+ If ``check_path`` is ``True`` the function first checks the requested URL
+ whether its path begins with a language code listed in the
+ :setting:`LANGUAGES` setting.
.. function:: to_locale(language)
Turns a language name (en-us) into a locale name (en_US).

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