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Fixed #5658 -- Added a note to the top of the "for template authors" …

…template documentation that states the scope of the document, along with a link to the "for Python programmers" documentation. Removed the link to the "for Python programmers" documentation at the bottom since it would be redundant.

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The Django template language: For template authors
+This document explains the language syntax of the Django template system. If
+you're looking for a more technical perspective on how it works and how to
+extend it, see `The Django template language: For Python programmers`_.
Django's template language is designed to strike a balance between power and
ease. It's designed to feel comfortable to those used to working with HTML. If
you have any exposure to other text-based template languages, such as Smarty_
or CheetahTemplate_, you should feel right at home with Django's templates.
+.. _`The Django template language: For Python programmers`: ../templates_python/
.. _Smarty:
.. _CheetahTemplate:
@@ -1438,12 +1443,3 @@ A collection of template tags that can be useful while designing a website,
such as a generator of Lorem Ipsum text. See the `webdesign documentation`_.
.. _webdesign documentation: ../webdesign/
-Next steps
-Read the document `The Django template language: For Python programmers`_ if
-you're interested in learning the template system from a technical
-perspective -- how it works and how to extend it.
-.. _The Django template language\: For Python programmers: ../templates_python/

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