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Fixed #16608 -- Clarified the description of the destroy_test_db meth…

…od and cleaned up various other reST/Sphinx-related bits in the testing docs. Thanks to Stan for the report and Julien for the draft patch.

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1 parent b825680 commit 41b31b4d09c238d723e951dc0233bae747cfb8e9 Gabriel Hurley committed Aug 18, 2011
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@@ -1278,6 +1278,7 @@ already have some data in your database. See the :djadmin:`dumpdata
documentation<dumpdata>` for more details.
.. note::
If you've ever run :djadmin:` syncdb<syncdb>`, you've
already used a fixture without even knowing it! When you call
:djadmin:`syncdb` in the database for the first time, Django
@@ -1919,10 +1920,12 @@ utility methods in the ``django.test.utils`` module.
magic hooks into the template system and restoring normal email
+.. currentmodule:: django.db.connection.creation
The creation module of the database backend (``connection.creation``)
also provides some utilities that can be useful during testing.
-.. function:: create_test_db(verbosity=1, autoclobber=False)
+.. function:: create_test_db([verbosity=1, autoclobber=False])
Creates a new test database and runs ``syncdb`` against it.
@@ -1944,10 +1947,11 @@ also provides some utilities that can be useful during testing.
:setting:`NAME` in :setting:`DATABASES` to match the name of the test
-.. function:: destroy_test_db(old_database_name, verbosity=1)
+.. function:: destroy_test_db(old_database_name, [verbosity=1])
- Destroys the database whose name is in stored in :setting:`NAME` in the
- :setting:`DATABASES`, and sets :setting:`NAME` to use the
- provided name.
+ Destroys the database whose name is the value of :setting:`NAME` in
+ :setting:`DATABASES`, and sets :setting:`NAME` to the value of
+ ``old_database_name``.
- ``verbosity`` has the same behavior as in ``run_tests()``.
+ The ``verbosity`` argument has the same behavior as for
+ :class:`~django.test.simple.DjangoTestSuiteRunner`.

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