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Mentionned changes from r17056 in the release notes.

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@@ -854,3 +854,26 @@ calls ``setup_environ``, which is now deprecated. ``execute_manager`` is also
deprecated; ``execute_from_command_line`` can be used instead. (Neither of
these functions is documented public API, but a deprecation path is needed due
to use in existing ```` files.)
+``is_safe`` and ``needs_autoescape`` attributes of template filters
+Two flags, ``is_safe`` and ``needs_autoescape``, define how each template filter
+interacts with Django's auto-escaping behavior. They used to be attributes of
+the filter function::
+ @register.filter
+ def noop(value):
+ return value
+ noop.is_safe = True
+However, this technique caused some problems in combination with decorators,
+especially :func:`@stringfilter <django.template.defaultfilters.stringfilter>`.
+Now, the flags are keyword arguments of :meth:`@register.filter
+ @register.filter(is_safe=True)
+ def noop(value):
+ return value
+See :ref:`filters and auto-escaping <filters-auto-escaping>` for more information.

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