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[1.1.X] Fixed #12620 - Refer to better fieldname in defer docs. Thank…

…s, dwillis.

Backport of r12462.

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@@ -804,7 +804,7 @@ the database.
This is done by passing the names of the fields to not load to ``defer()``::
- Entry.objects.defer("lede", "body")
+ Entry.objects.defer("headline", "body")
A queryset that has deferred fields will still return model instances. Each
deferred field will be retrieved from the database if you access that field
@@ -814,15 +814,15 @@ You can make multiple calls to ``defer()``. Each call adds new fields to the
deferred set::
# Defers both the body and lede fields.
- Entry.objects.defer("body").filter(headline="Lennon").defer("lede")
+ Entry.objects.defer("body").filter(rating=5).defer("headline")
The order in which fields are added to the deferred set does not matter. Calling ``defer()`` with a field name that has already been deferred is harmless (the field will still be deferred).
You can defer loading of fields in related models (if the related models are
loading via ``select_related()``) by using the standard double-underscore
notation to separate related fields::
- Blog.objects.select_related().defer("entry__lede", "entry__body")
+ Blog.objects.select_related().defer("entry__headline", "entry__body")
If you want to clear the set of deferred fields, pass ``None`` as a parameter
to ``defer()``::

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