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Fixed some stale documentation that was advising against the use of O…

…neToOneFields. Post queryset refactor, that warning is no longer required.

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@@ -2037,6 +2037,37 @@ Each "reverse" operation described in this section has an immediate effect on
the database. Every addition, creation and deletion is immediately and
automatically saved to the database.
+One-to-one relationships
+One-to-one relationships are very similar to Many-to-one relationships.
+If you define a OneToOneField on your model, instances of that model will have
+access to the related object via a simple attribute of the model.
+For example::
+ class EntryDetail(models.Model):
+ entry = models.OneToOneField(Entry)
+ details = models.TextField()
+ ed = EntryDetail.objects.get(id=2)
+ ed.entry # Returns the related Entry object.
+The difference comes in reverse queries. The related model in a One-to-one
+relationship also has access to a ``Manager`` object; however, that ``Manager``
+represents a single object, rather than a collection of objects::
+ e = Entry.objects.get(id=2)
+ e.entrydetail # returns the related EntryDetail object
+If no object has been assigned to this relationship, Django will raise
+a ``DoesNotExist`` exception.
+Instances can be assigned to the reverse relationship in the same way as
+you would assign the forward relationship::
+ e.entrydetail = ed
Many-to-many relationships
@@ -2064,12 +2095,6 @@ above example, if the ``ManyToManyField`` in ``Entry`` had specified
``related_name='entries'``, then each ``Author`` instance would have an
``entries`` attribute instead of ``entry_set``.
-One-to-one relationships
-The semantics of one-to-one relationships will be changing soon, so we don't
-recommend you use them.
How are the backward relationships possible?

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