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[1.2.X] Bumped documentation-building requirements to Sphinx 1.0.2 an…

…d Pygments 1.1. The use of 'console' highlight in staticfiles docs requires Pygments 1.1.

Backport of r14624 from trunk.

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carljm committed Nov 19, 2010
1 parent 5ef3269 commit 426a28f9671018f45c85daed17d188a2289468e7
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@@ -15,8 +15,12 @@ Sphinx -- ``easy_install Sphinx`` should do the trick.
.. note::
- The Django documentation can be generated with Sphinx version 0.6 or
- newer, but we recommend using Sphinx 1.0.2 or newer.
+ Building the Django documentation requires Sphinx 1.0.2 or newer. Sphinx
+ also requires the Pygments__ library for syntax highlighting; building the
+ Django documentation requires Pygments 1.1 or newer (a new-enough version
+ should automatically be installed along with Sphinx).
Then, building the HTML is easy; just ``make html`` from the ``docs`` directory.

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