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Modified model_fields for unittest2 discovery.

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1 parent 3ca3d22 commit 44293c5c053d616326d5dfe82252e5e8431d81ea @prestontimmons prestontimmons committed with carljm Apr 6, 2013
0 tests/model_fields/ → tests/model_fields/
File renamed without changes.
2 tests/model_fields/
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
NullBooleanModel, BooleanModel, DataModel, Document, RenamedField,
VerboseNameField, FksToBooleans)
-from .imagefield import (ImageFieldTests, ImageFieldTwoDimensionsTests,
+from .test_imagefield import (ImageFieldTests, ImageFieldTwoDimensionsTests,
TwoImageFieldTests, ImageFieldNoDimensionsTests,
ImageFieldOneDimensionTests, ImageFieldDimensionsFirstTests,

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