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…gotcha with models.Manager

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@@ -266,7 +266,18 @@ this::
If you attempt to use ``CurrentSiteManager`` and pass a field name that doesn't
exist, Django will raise a ``ValueError``.
+Finally, note that you'll probably want to keep a normal (non-site-specific)
+``Manager`` on your model, even if you use ``CurrentSiteManager``. As explained
+in the `manager documentation`_, if you define a manager manually, then Django
+won't create the automatic ``objects = models.Manager()`` manager for you.
+Also, note that certain parts of Django -- namely, the Django admin site and
+generic views -- use whichever manager is defined *first* in the model, so if
+you want your admin site to have access to all objects (not just site-specific
+ones), put ``objects = models.Manager()`` in your model, before you define
.. _manager:
+.. _manager documentation:
How Django uses the sites framework

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