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Fixed #2166 -- (take two!). Use " reset ..." to reset a mod…


database tables, not the older piped combination that used to be required.

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@@ -405,17 +405,12 @@ Using a ``FileField`` or an ``ImageField`` in a model takes a few steps:
If I make changes to a model, how do I update the database?
-If you don't mind clearing data, just pipe the output of the appropriate
-`` sqlreset`` command into your database's command-line utility.
-For example::
+If you don't mind clearing data, your project's ```` utility has an
+option to reset the SQL for a particular application::
- sqlreset appname | dbshell
+ reset appname
-`` sqlreset`` outputs SQL that clears the app's database
-table(s) and creates new ones. The above command uses a Unix pipe to send the
-SQL directly to the database command-line utility, which accepts SQL as
-input (`` dbshell`` will launch the appropriate tool for the database
-configured in ````).
+This drops any tables associated with ``appname`` and recreates them.
If you do care about deleting data, you'll have to execute the ``ALTER TABLE``
statements manually in your database. That's the way we've always done it,

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