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Fixed #2038 -- QuerySet._combine now combines where clause. Thanks, g…


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1 parent 192c726 commit 45518a052b5d014502d960911d1fda779b6fb90f @adrianholovaty adrianholovaty committed May 31, 2006
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@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@ def _filter_or_exclude(self, mapper, *args, **kwargs):
def complex_filter(self, filter_obj):
"""Returns a new QuerySet instance with filter_obj added to the filters.
- filter_obj can be a Q object (has 'get_sql' method) or a dictionary of
+ filter_obj can be a Q object (has 'get_sql' method) or a dictionary of
keyword lookup arguments."""
# This exists to support framework features such as 'limit_choices_to',
# and usually it will be more natural to use other methods.
@@ -380,6 +380,10 @@ def _combine(self, other):
# (so that A.filter(args1) & A.filter(args2) does the same as
# A.filter(args1).filter(args2)
combined = other._clone()
+ if self._select: combined._select.update(self._select)
+ if self._where: combined._where.extend(self._where)
+ if self._params: combined._params.extend(self._params)
+ if self._tables: combined._tables.extend(self._tables)
# If 'self' is ordered and 'other' isn't, propagate 'self's ordering
if (self._order_by is not None and len(self._order_by) > 0) and \
(combined._order_by is None or len(combined._order_by) == 0):

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