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Simplified a i18n test.

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1 parent 8ce1e39 commit 456f9b98471e2aab71c6f58e3bf40a1026a3b466 @ramiro ramiro committed Jan 22, 2013
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@@ -109,14 +109,12 @@ def test_templatize_blocktrans_tag(self):
def test_extraction_error(self):
- shutil.copyfile('./templates/template_with_error.tpl', './templates/template_with_error.html')
- self.assertRaises(SyntaxError, management.call_command, 'makemessages', locale=LOCALE, verbosity=0)
+ self.assertRaises(SyntaxError, management.call_command, 'makemessages', locale=LOCALE, extensions=['tpl'], verbosity=0)
with self.assertRaises(SyntaxError) as context_manager:
- management.call_command('makemessages', locale=LOCALE, verbosity=0)
+ management.call_command('makemessages', locale=LOCALE, extensions=['tpl'], verbosity=0)
- r'Translation blocks must not include other block tags: blocktrans \(file templates[/\\]template_with_error\.html, line 3\)'
+ r'Translation blocks must not include other block tags: blocktrans \(file templates[/\\]template_with_error\.tpl, line 3\)'
- os.remove('./templates/template_with_error.html')
# Check that the temporary file was cleaned up

2 comments on commit 456f9b9


claudep commented on 456f9b9 Jan 22, 2013

+1, I guess the final assertFalse should also be updated?


ramiro replied Jan 22, 2013

My bad. Will fix it soon. Thanks Claude.

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