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Changed slightly misleading example in docs/sessions.txt to use bagga…

…ge-less 'members' instead of 'users'

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@@ -92,21 +92,21 @@ posts a comment. It doesn't let a user post a comment more than once::
request.session['has_commented'] = True
return HttpResponse('Thanks for your comment!')
-This simplistic view logs a user in::
+This simplistic view logs in a "member" of the site::
def login(request):
- u = users.get_object(username__exact=request.POST['username'])
- if u.check_password(request.POST['password']):
- request.session['user_id'] =
+ m = members.get_object(username__exact=request.POST['username'])
+ if m.password == request.POST['password']:
+ request.session['member_id'] =
return HttpResponse("You're logged in.")
return HttpResponse("Your username and password didn't match.")
-...And this one logs a user out, according to ``login()`` above::
+...And this one logs a member out, according to ``login()`` above::
def logout(request):
- del request.session['user_id']
+ del request.session['member_id']
except KeyError:
return HttpResponse("You're logged out.")

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