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Tweaked unit test 'quick start' explanation.

Thanks Jeremy Dunck.
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@@ -27,15 +27,13 @@ Quickstart
Running the tests requires a Django settings module that defines the
databases to use. To make it easy to get started, Django provides a
sample settings module that uses the SQLite database. To run the tests
-with this sample ``settings`` module, ``cd`` into the Django
-``tests/`` directory and run:
+with this sample ``settings`` module:
.. code-block:: bash
- ./ --settings=test_sqlite
-If you get an ``ImportError: No module named django.contrib`` error,
-you need to add your install of Django to your ``PYTHONPATH``.
+ git clone django-repo
+ cd django-repo/tests
+ PYTHONPATH=..:$PYTHONPATH python ./ --settings=test_sqlite
.. _running-unit-tests-settings:
@@ -47,14 +45,10 @@ SQLite. If you want to test behavior using a different database (and
if you're proposing patches for Django, it's a good idea to test
across databases), you may need to define your own settings file.
-To run the tests with different settings, ``cd`` to the ``tests/`` directory
-and type:
-.. code-block:: bash
- ./
+To run the tests with different settings, ensure that the module is on your
+``PYTHONPATH`` and pass the module with ``--settings``.
-The :setting:`DATABASES` setting in this test settings module needs to define
+The :setting:`DATABASES` setting in any test settings module needs to define
two databases:
* A ``default`` database. This database should use the backend that

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