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@@ -89,8 +89,15 @@ Fields
.. attribute:: models.User.is_active
- Boolean. Designates whether this account can be used to log in. Set this
- flag to ``False`` instead of deleting accounts.
+ Boolean. Designates whether this user account should be considered
+ active. Set this flag to ``False`` instead of deleting accounts.
+ This doesn't control whether or not the user can log in. Nothing in
+ the authentication path checks the ``is_active`` flag, so if you want
+ to reject a login based on ``is_active`` being ``False``, it is up to
+ you to check that in your own login view. However, permission checking
+ using the methods like :meth:`~models.User.has_perm` does check this
+ flag and will always return ``False`` for inactive users.
.. attribute:: models.User.is_superuser

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