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Fixed #14771 -- corrected a typo in the testing docs. Thanks to Chris…

…tian Oudard for the patch.

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alex committed Nov 24, 2010
1 parent 073412b commit 4a4d7bc27deb2219d534986f825f0a4fd7d55027
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@@ -761,7 +761,7 @@ arguments at time of construction:
parameters will be made available in the request.GET data. For example,
if you were to make the request::
- >>>'/login/?vistor=true', {'name': 'fred', 'passwd': 'secret'})
+ >>>'/login/?visitor=true', {'name': 'fred', 'passwd': 'secret'})
... the view handling this request could interrogate request.POST
to retrieve the username and password, and could interrogate request.GET

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