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Added some examples to 'ordering' section of docs/model-api.txt

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14 docs/model-api.txt
@@ -793,7 +793,19 @@ Here's a list of all possible ``META`` options. No options are required. Adding
optional "-" prefix, which indicates descending order. Fields without a
leading "-" will be ordered ascending. Use the string "?" to order randomly.
- See `Specifying ordering`_ for a full example.
+ For example, to order by a ``pub_date`` field ascending, use this::
+ ordering = ['pub_date']
+ To order by ``pub_date`` descending, use this::
+ ordering = ['-pub_date']
+ To order by ``pub_date`` descending, then by ``author`` ascending, use this::
+ ordering = ['-pub_date', 'author']
+ See `Specifying ordering`_ for more examples.
.. _Specifying ordering:

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