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Fixed #5364 -- Clarified the warning regarding saving form_for_model …

…forms with missing fields. Thanks to PhilR for the initial draft.

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@@ -1923,11 +1923,22 @@ of the model fields:
.. note::
If you specify ``fields`` when creating a form with ``form_for_model()``,
- make sure that the fields that are *not* specified can provide default
- values, or are allowed to have a value of ``None``. If a field isn't
- specified on a form, the object created from the form can't provide
- a value for that attribute, which will prevent the new instance from
- being saved.
+ then the fields that are *not* specified will not be set by the form's
+ ``save()`` method. Django will prevent any attempt to save an incomplete
+ model, so if the model does not allow the missing fields to be empty, and
+ does not provide a default value for the missing fields, any attempt to
+ ``save()`` a ``form_for_model`` with missing fields will fail. To avoid
+ this failure, you must use ``save(commit=False)`` and manually set any
+ extra required fields::
+ instance =
+ instance.required_field = 'new value'
+ See the `section on saving forms`_ for more details on using
+ ``save(commit=False)``.
+.. _section on saving forms: `The save() method`_
Overriding the default field types

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