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Fixed #14225 -- Added a documentation marker (and a 1.2.2 release not…

…es file, required to satisfy Sphinx) for the enable_csrf_checks flag on the test client. Thanks to for the report.

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+Django 1.2.2 release notes
+Welcome to Django 1.2.2!
+This is the second "bugfix" release in the Django 1.2 series,
+improving the stability and performance of the Django 1.2 codebase.
+Django 1.2.2 maintains backwards compatibility with Django
+1.2.1, but contain a number of fixes and other
+improvements. Django 1.2.2 is a recommended upgrade for any
+development or deployment currently using or targeting Django 1.2.
+For full details on the new features, backwards incompatibilities, and
+deprecated features in the 1.2 branch, see the :doc:`/releases/1.2`.
+One new feature
+Ordinarily, a point release would not include new features, but in the
+case of Django 1.2.2, we have made an exception to this rule.
+In order to test a bug fix that forms part of the 1.2.2 release, it
+was necessary to add a feature -- the ``enforce_csrf_checks`` flag --
+to the :mod:`test client <django.test.client>`. This flag forces
+the test client to perform full CSRF checks on forms. The default
+behavior of the test client hasn't changed, but if you want to do
+CSRF checks with the test client, it is now possible to do so.
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ Final releases
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
+ 1.2.2
1.1 release
@@ -575,6 +575,8 @@ Note a few important things about how the test client works:
* By default, the test client will disable any CSRF checks
performed by your site.
+ .. versionadded:: 1.2.2
If, for some reason, you *want* the test client to perform CSRF
checks, you can create an instance of the test client that
enforces CSRF checks. To do this, pass in the

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