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Fixed #21824 -- Added reference to LTS in docs/internals/security.txt

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1 parent 4b3b251 commit 4d8209431d2b1c97d86cf92992e6ddc1555c7ac7 @tragiclifestories tragiclifestories committed with timgraham
2  docs/internals/release-process.txt
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ the pace of releases afterwards.
The follow releases have been designated for long-term support:
- * Django 1.4, supported until at least March 2015.
+* Django 1.4, supported until at least March 2015.
.. _release-process:
3  docs/internals/security.txt
@@ -60,6 +60,9 @@ for several versions of Django:
Django 1.3. Upon the release of Django 1.5, Django 1.3's security
support will end.
+* :ref:`Long-term support (LTS) releases <lts-releases>` will receive
+ security updates for a specified period.
When new releases are issued for security reasons, the accompanying
notice will include a list of affected versions. This list is
comprised solely of *supported* versions of Django: older versions may

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