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Fixed #3858 -- Updated pieces of tutorial 1 to reflect recent changes…

…. Thanks to Kashif Razzaqui for the report, and Simon for the patch.

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freakboy3742 committed Mar 29, 2007
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@@ -133,8 +133,8 @@ Now, edit ````. It's a normal Python module with module-level
variables representing Django settings. Change these settings to match your
database's connection parameters:
* ``DATABASE_ENGINE`` -- Either 'postgresql', 'mysql' or 'sqlite3'.
More coming soon.
* ``DATABASE_ENGINE`` -- Either 'postgresql_psycopg2', 'mysql' or 'sqlite3'.
Other backends are `also available`_.
* ``DATABASE_NAME`` -- The name of your database, or the full (absolute)
path to the database file if you're using SQLite.
* ``DATABASE_USER`` -- Your database username (not used for SQLite).
@@ -143,6 +143,8 @@ database's connection parameters:
empty string if your database server is on the same physical machine
(not used for SQLite).
.. _also available: ../settings/
.. admonition:: Note
If you're using PostgreSQL or MySQL, make sure you've created a database by
@@ -319,7 +321,8 @@ Now Django knows ``mysite`` includes the ``polls`` app. Let's run another comman
python sql polls
You should see the following (the CREATE TABLE SQL statements for the polls app)::
You should see something similar to the following (the CREATE TABLE SQL statements
for the polls app)::
CREATE TABLE "polls_poll" (
@@ -337,6 +340,8 @@ You should see the following (the CREATE TABLE SQL statements for the polls app)
Note the following:
* The exact output will vary depending on the database you are using.
* Table names are automatically generated by combining the name of the app
(``polls``) and the lowercase name of the model -- ``poll`` and
``choice``. (You can override this behavior.)
@@ -365,8 +370,9 @@ If you're interested, also run the following commands:
* ``python validate polls`` -- Checks for any errors in the
construction of your models.
* ``python sqlinitialdata polls`` -- Outputs any initial data
required for Django's admin framework and your models.
* ``python sqlcustom polls`` -- Outputs any custom SQL statements
(such as table modifications or constraints) that are defined for the
* ``python sqlclear polls`` -- Outputs the necessary ``DROP
TABLE`` statements for this app, according to which tables already exist

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