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Fixed #20104 -- Changed VersionDirective in order to avoid ambiguity.

As explained in ticket #20104, the use of versionchanged/versionadded
was confusing.

To solve this ambiguity these directives no longer accept a second
argument but now they only receive the version number (1st arg) and then
a content with the proper comment.
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commit 4e25198ec298732409217321be10e1e06be2fcbd 1 parent 3be8165
@catalanojuan catalanojuan authored claudep committed
16 docs/_ext/
@@ -64,21 +64,25 @@ class VersionDirective(Directive):
option_spec = {}
def run(self):
+ if len(self.arguments) > 1:
+ msg = """Only one argument accepted for directive '{directive_name}::'.
+ Comments should be provided as content,
+ not as an extra argument.""".format(
+ raise ValueError(msg)
env = self.state.document.settings.env
ret = []
node = addnodes.versionmodified()
if self.arguments[0] == env.config.django_next_version:
node['version'] = "Development version"
node['version'] = self.arguments[0]
node['type'] =
- if len(self.arguments) == 2:
- inodes, messages = self.state.inline_text(self.arguments[1], self.lineno+1)
- node.extend(inodes)
- if self.content:
- self.state.nested_parse(self.content, self.content_offset, node)
- ret = ret + messages
+ if self.content:
+ self.state.nested_parse(self.content, self.content_offset, node)
env.note_versionchange(node['type'], node['version'], node, self.lineno)
return ret
4 docs/internals/contributing/writing-documentation.txt
@@ -188,8 +188,8 @@ Our policy for new features is:
release, not the development version.
Our preferred way for marking new features is by prefacing the features'
-documentation with: "``.. versionadded:: X.Y``", followed by an optional one
-line comment and a mandatory blank line.
+documentation with: "``.. versionadded:: X.Y``", followed by a a mandatory
+blank line and an optional content (indented).
General improvements, or other changes to the APIs that should be emphasized
should use the "``.. versionchanged:: X.Y``" directive (with the same format

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