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Removed erroneous changes to 1.1 alpha 1 release notes.

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@@ -74,13 +74,7 @@ Other new features and changes introduced since Django 1.0 include:
``CsrfMiddleware`` class (which does both) remains for
backwards-compatibility, but using the split classes is now recommended in
order to allow fine-grained control of when and where the CSRF processing
- takes place. Decorators are provided for selectively turning it off for
- certain views.
- Also, these middleware are now enabled by default when creating new projects.
- It is recommended to add these middleware, if not already present, to existing
- projects, to provide protection for the admin (which has no other CSRF
- protection) and other apps.
+ takes place.
* :func:`~django.core.urlresolvers.reverse` and code which uses it (e.g., the
``{% url %}`` template tag) now works with URLs in Django's administrative

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