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Fixed #6234 -- Removed obsolete note about json and ensure_ascii

Thanks aaron at for the report.
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claudep committed Nov 3, 2012
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@@ -166,15 +166,6 @@ Notes for specific serialization formats
-If you're using UTF-8 (or any other non-ASCII encoding) data with the JSON
-serializer, you must pass ``ensure_ascii=False`` as a parameter to the
-``serialize()`` call. Otherwise, the output won't be encoded correctly.
-For example::
- json_serializer = serializers.get_serializer("json")()
- json_serializer.serialize(queryset, ensure_ascii=False, stream=response)
Be aware that not all Django output can be passed unmodified to :mod:`json`.
In particular, :ref:`lazy translation objects <lazy-translations>` need a
`special encoder`_ written for them. Something like this will work::

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