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Added 'When will you release Django 1.0?' to FAQ

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@@ -166,6 +166,20 @@ In the meantime, though, check out this `unofficial Django screencast`_.
.. _unofficial Django screencast:
+When will you release Django 1.0?
+Short answer: When we're comfortable with Django's APIs, have added all
+features that we feel are necessary to earn a "1.0" status, and are ready to
+begin maintaining backwards compatibility. This should happen in a couple of
+months or so, although it's entirely possible that it could happen earlier.
+That translates into February or March 2006.
+Of course, you should note that `quite a few production sites`_ use Django in
+its current status. Don't let the lack of a 1.0 turn you off.
+.. _quite a few production sites:
How can I download the Django documentation to read it offline?

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