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Remove an extraneous comma that I left behind in [7386], and clean up…

… the wording a bit more.

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@@ -1552,12 +1552,11 @@ additional required argument:
Allows the selection of a single model object, suitable for
representing a foreign key.
-The labels for the choice field call the ``__unicode__`` method of the
-model to generate string representations to use in the field's
-choices; to provide customized representations,, subclass
-``ModelChoiceField`` and override ``label_for_model``; this method
-will receive an object, and should return a string suitable for
-representing it::
+The ``__unicode__`` method of the model will be called to generate
+string representations of the objects for use in the field's choices;
+to provide customized representations, subclass ``ModelChoiceField``
+and override ``label_for_model``. This method will receive model
+object, and should return a string suitable for representing it::
class MyModelChoiceField(ModelChoiceField):
def label_from_instance(self, obj):

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