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add comment to explain why it's necessary to do an explicit check for

Python2 and how metaclasses are defined
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1 parent c70ca48 commit 5124ab7620a2cb448a8edec7eb6cfa69c60bcc8c @AndreaCrotti AndreaCrotti committed
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4 tests/base/
@@ -14,8 +14,10 @@ class CustomBaseModel(models.base.ModelBase):
class MyModel(six.with_metaclass(CustomBaseModel, models.Model)):
- """Model subclass with a custom base using six.with_metaclass."""
+ """Model subclass with a custom base using six.with_metaclass."""
+# This is done to ensure that for Python2 only, defining metaclasses
+# still does not fail to create the model.
if not six.PY3:
class MyModel(models.Model):

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